I have had the good fortune to travel extensively in my life and have lived abroad multiple times.  Travel just came naturally to me as I began my nomadic life as a circus performer in North America and Australia.  They say that once you have sawdust in your shoes, it never really leaves and that has certainly been true for me.  Since I "retired" from circus life in my early twenties, wandering has remained a key element in my life.  While I have spent much of my life abroad, my home and heart currently reside in Cuenca, Ecuador.

My passion for travel has been an important part of my love of photography.  I consider myself a documentary photographer, not in a journalistic sense, but rather in documenting moments and encounters with the people and places on the road and in the various places I have called home.  For me, photography is a tool to document the world not as I see it with my eyes, but how I perceive it in my mind.  I hope that I am able to express that on these electronic pages.

I don't just love photography, I have a true obsession for the process of making photographs.  I experiment with both film and digital processes.  I love using different types of cameras, everything from Holga "toy" film cameras, instant and 35mm film, to technically complex digital equipment and everything in between in both black & white and color.

On the pages of this site you will see the results of that passion.  I will share some of the experiments that worked and many that may not have been so successful, but all are results of that experimentation in the pursuit of my passions.

I hope that you enjoy.  ~Scott

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